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What is DinoBusd?

Dino BUSD is an investment platform developed by group of genuine individuals and have run multiple successful investment portfolio earlier. This is their latest sustainable staking project. Among all others such projects this is one of its kind due to unique and supportive business model associated to it. Dino BUSD funding won’t just be generated through investors, but it’ll have a proper fund allocation through lottery business model which will make it sustainable with high growth potential.


Dino BUSD is offering multiple investment option through its channel which are associated to attractive gains of various levels. Model A - Dino BUSD Investment: Anyone making an investment in Dino BUSD will get fixed 8% daily ROI on principle value with a lower investment ceiling of BUSD 50. Model B - Lucky Draws: This method is based on fully automated blockchain embedded lucky draws which offers the following rewards  Silver Lottery (BUSD 30 Reward) – Racking up 6 entries with a value of BUSD 5 each will have a fortunate lucky winner  Gold Lottery (BUSD 50 Reward) – Racking up 5 entries with a value of BUSD 10 each will have a fortunate lucky winner  Diamond Lottery (BUSD 200 Reward) – Racking up 4 entries with a value of BUSD 50 each will have a fortunate lucky winner

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