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What is DoKEN?
DōKEN is a revolutionary meme token. What makes us different is that it is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is over 100X cheaper than buying and selling using the Ethereum Network.

DōKEN dream is to become the token-of-the-people. Adapting Memes & Utility Use-case, we hope that one day we can become the "precious-one" Following that dream, DōKEN has an awesome roadmap, right now we have delivered some powerful utilities which is the Doken Swap with Live Chart, Dividend Hub and Dojo for Staking. We are not done yet, we have a lot of utilities coming such as DoKENPad ( Launchpad ), Token & LP Locker, KYC Audit, Mobile Apps and Many More As we are a community-driven token, we are very happy to hear any suggestions from the community, and for that please join our Telegram group to drop your ideas.

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