DragonKnight is an MMO RPG Metaverse game on the BSC. Compared with traditional MMO RPG games, besides its function of multiplayer online role-playing, Dragon Knight has added the most popular feature of the blockchain games -- play-to-earn -- to the game. Players can both immerse themselves in online role-playing and gain economic revenue at the same time -- a key mechanism to draw more gamers in the future.


In a mysterious world hidden among the clouds, Dragon Canyon was once very prosperous.Until the horde's iron hoof swept through here, the dragon race was destroyed...... You will be the world's adventurers, through the cultivation of dragons, synthetic upgrades, bonding combinations, with millions of unique combat lineups, to protect the dragon homeland!In addition to dragon taming adventure gameplay, there are also intense and exciting competitive gameplay, the pursuit of collaborative farming gameplay, tokens. bringing a rich gaming experience!And of course, the flying dragons will bring you a generous reward of tokens and loot! The brave long win, waiting for you to fight!

Every dragon contains huge energy. Don't underestimate any dragon. You can use ingredients to increase the power of the dragon, or combine the dragons into stars. Adult dragons can also be paired and reproduced to breed better descendants of the dragon clan...

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