Dragons Of Midgard, 10,000 Unique Dragons NFTs evolves, mutates, and battle on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. It's basically a Play-To-Earn game in which players can Earn through different battles. Players will need to build a team of at least 3 dragons for the battle. Players can evolve their Dragons to the next level which will result in getting new evolved Dragons having different upgraded strengths. Players can also breed dragons to get new dragons either from their own dragons or mutating with other dragons from the marketplace. Our main challenge is to achieve Evolution because we believe that evolution is never achieved in any Blockchain gaming project.

Unlimited Earning Possibilities

AURA tokens will back Dragons Of Midgard and the Dragonverse. AURA token has a total supply of 100 million and a market cap of 10 million dollars.

Aura token can also be staked for rewards, it is a DAO token that will govern the Dragons Of Midgard P2E game and all upcoming NFT projects that will be part of the Dragonverse.

A Multiverse, where users can earn and entertain worldwide on various games and open game environments.

Evolve your cute Wyrmlings into ruthless, terrifying Dragons such as Juveniles, Ancient, and The Great Wyrms.

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