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What is Earncraft?
Earncraft is a play 2 earn game in which players are able to get income while playing on it. It is a free to play compatible Minecraft server that integrates a Binance Smart Wallet for each player. Giving them the ability to pay other players tokens.

In the game, players are able to obtain revenue by trading resources, renting land, planting plants, in the casino, advertising other projects in their land, creating Play2earn games on their land, daily competitions and much more.

The only limit is imagination.

Earncraft's Metaverse is divided into 3 different worlds, each of them with different features.

Plot world is the main Earncraft metaverse world, all the activities, social events, and games, will take place here. PLOT NFT owners will be able to build in their plot, they can create play-to-earn games, in-game stores of resources or food, advertising other projects, and anything they can imagine.

Survival Plot world is dedicated to the PLOT NFT owners. Owners of a PLOT NFT will have a random plot in this world, where they will be able to explore, collect, and mine resources.

Extreme Survival world is the most dangerous world of the server. PVP (fighting with other players) is enabled. Non-PLOT NFT owners will be able to collect and mine resources in this world, only paying a daily fee in PLOT.

Earncraft is a community-driven Minecraft server ecosystem where players can play or create gaming experiences, obtain resources for themselves or for selling them, plant crops for passive income, build amazing structures, and much more.$PLOT is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It is the main utility token and the currency of Earncraft's ecosystem. It is also a governance token.PLOT cent is the smaller unit of a PLOT coin. You can always convert PLOT coin into PLOT cent, and PLOT cent into PLOT coin at the trading mall, located in the server lobby.

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