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What is ElementX?
ElementX is an online NFT RPG based on Binance Smart Chain, with fast-paced PvE & PvP combat, immersive stories, stunning landscapes, and more.

The royal family of Frost Kingdom has taken a crushing blow in the war. You, the youngest child, are the only royal blood left. Hold on to your weapon and summon the heroes, fight for the rise of the kingdom in the Scared War. Your journey in ElementX starts...

Players can explore the world and find treasure, fight in the adventures, and play the PvP arena. Over a hundred heroes are up for recruitment. The game introduces rich content including the equipment, mount, and artifact systems.

The broken memory seems to be from yesterday but also feels thousands of years ago. The blizzard has shattered tales of the Frost Kingdom into pieces. On the vast icy plain, the chilly wind is blowing up ice shart from the ground into mid-air while the Frostborns gaze blankly into the horizon.
The Frostborns have nothing but despair in their eyes as their warriors fall one by one on the battlefield. This is the biggest crisis in the history of Frost Kingdom as the Pyrosians launched an attack on us with everything they have. This war has dragged everyone into their worst nightmare. Long-lasting peace has been broken as icicles fly in the air and fire spreads across the land. The sky has turned pale while the land is being scorched.
Nobody knows why the war started and nobody knows when it is going to end. Only eulogies dedicated to the fallen are being chanted at night, in a voice full of sorrow and anger resonating between clouds.
The royal family of Frost Kingdom has taken a crushing blow in the war. Three princes and two daughters have lost their lives in the decade-long war, making you and your younger brother, the youngest children in the family, the only royal blood.
My future king, you have to protect your younger brother and the royal bloodline. You must be strong and find a way to survive in this chaos. The wheel of destiny has turned and your fate will fulfill the astrological prophecy: the Red Lotus has blossomed and the Twin Star will merge as the Wheel of Destiny has turned.
It is already winter and the first snow has fallen upon the Frost Kingdom. The winter will last ten years and it snows every day. The sealed dream will begin with you embarking on an exile with Carso in the winter. The Sacred War is still going as you hear the battle shout of warriors far away.
Hold on to your weapon and summon the Heros, fight for the rise of the kingdom in the Sacred War.

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