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What is Elfin Kingdom?
Elfin Kingdom is a MMORPG Pokémon homage-inspired universe where through the fusion of DeFi and Play to Earn rewards anyone can earn tokens through gameplay and farming.

Players can collect, mine and battle with Elfin creatures.

Elfin Kingdom is a metaverse where each player can create their own adventure and players will be able to be part of a community, a social network, a jobs platform and e-sports league.

Players can earn by:

- Login into the game everyday.

- Competing in PVP battles.

- Competing in PVE battles to win leaderboard prizes.

- Completing daily quests.

- Summoning Higher level Elfins and selling them on the marketplace.

- Selling Harvest and selling Land.

- Staking ELFIN Tokens.

Elfin Kingdom’s Mission

Elfin Kingdom is a way to introduce new technology to the world and to people in a fun and educational way. The project aims to bring closer decentralized technologies to people, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology and being part of a new economy. Elfin Kingdom will reward and give financial opportunities to all its users.

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