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What is Encyclopedia wTa?
Encyclopedia wTa is a Web 3.0 powered educational technology, lifelong learning and teaching platform with paid professional trainers and courses for adults and students.

Good to know: Encyclopedia wTa is a digital currency of a platform where decentralized people can develop themselves very comprehensively. By using the Encyclopedia wTa within the platform, it allows people to reach the knowledge pool they need to improve themselves, on a limited or unlimited basis.


Long-term high pricing is our main target. Because we should not forget that the information on the platform will be staked by the utility token to be created and information will be purchased with the utility token.

Supply: 5.000.000 ENCwTa

Liquidity: 2.000.000  ENCwTa

Developement: 500.000 ENCwTa

Research & Innovation: 500.000 ENCwTa

Locked: 2.000.000 ENCwTa

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