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What is EpicHero? - the Biggest 3D NFT War Game on BSC

EpicHero is the biggest 3D NFT War Game on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Collect and build an unstoppable force of characters by choosing from your favorite heroes from Greek, Norse, China, Japan, Egypt, India and Roman Mythology. Users can summon, merge and evolve thousands of Collectable Epic Hero Battle Card NFTs and bring them to the largest arena to do battle against other Epic Heroes.

Moreover, EpicHero is the First Ever play to earn game that rewards its NFT holders with 5% BNB of token transaction and NFT marketplace transaction tax. This innovative mechanism gives the EpicHero NFT holder's great passive income overtime simply by holding the NFT in their wallet.

As the world’s first NFT to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, EpicHero is expected to be a true game changer. You could say, EpicHero is the Safemoon of NFT. We are the pioneers in this field and committed to bring more innovative ideas and applications to change the whole GameFi space.

3 killer features of EpicHero:

1. Worlds first NFT game and the only one until now that gives NFT holders BNB reflection as rewards.

The longer you hold EpicHero 3D NFT, the bigger the amount of dividend you get in BNB.

With highly limited numbers, this feature makes Epic Hero 3D NFT more attractive in the long run.

2. Largest scale battles on BSC with thousands of users each, potentially using thousands of NFTs to compete at the same time to win real money prizes.

3. True 3D NFTs that user are excited to own and show off, each with unique looking and stunning graphic. For the first time user can view their NFT fully in 3D mode, rotate, zoom in and view in a spectacular 360 degree view.

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