Haven’t you tired of gambling games on the Ethereum and such called games where you just pay, pay and pay ? Don’t you want to play just a real game, pass your time there and earn the money without any payments and stuff like that ? Don’t you want to play a real MMORPG with your friends and really own your character and your items ? Ether Rangers is a real space MMORPG. It is a universe with it’s history and living forms. This is a world with lots of galaxies where you can meet not real players only but mobs you can interact with. In Ether Rangers you can explore new planets, pass quests, unite into players groups, kill mobs, players and bosses, pimp your spaceship and pass a unique story line. In other words it has all advantages of MMORPG, but with one main difference: only you own your character. Choose your spaceship and become a captain!

Ether Rangers is a crypto-driven game. It plays as a traditional MMORPG. You get to be a captain of a spaceship. Then, you can go out and explore. Join other players, fight mobs, do quests - there are a lot of different activities for you to choose from and participate in!

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