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ETHERKNIGHT - 4 Knight Characters racing against each other to be the first to reach the goal and win the pot of gold.

How to play ETHERKNIGHT: The Race will start after at least 1 player has bought shares of any Knight Racer then for every new item activated a 24H countdown will reset. At the end of the countdown, the players on the first Racer will share the Treasure and everybody else will receive their payout (no one is leaving the table without values). Read more on the website.

in addtion when you buy the shares of your favourite racer 5% of price will buy you the HDx20 token earning you etherirum from the volume of any HDx20 token powered games . please remember at every new buy the rate of shares are increase one by one so will be payout if you are the winner . buyig share at the begninng of race will is highly advised , play for the big win . play for treasure , play all at the once .....

60% to the winners of the race distributed proportionally to their shares.
.10% to the community of HDX20 gamers/holders distributed as price appreciation.
.5% to developer for running, developing and expanding the platform.
.25% for provisioning the TREASURE for the next Race.



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