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Ethernal Gladiators is an action-packed PvP gladiator game set in the ancient, rich but violent world of Etherlords. You must choose your NFT-gladiator and enter a fast-paced tournament where you will battle another player in one-vs-one combat, using the NFT weapon of your choice. Defeat him - and you can take all his riches for yourself. It is up to you to decide either to focus on easy pickings or dare to become the Arena Champion and take the Ethernal prize for yourself!

Introduction for the Ethernal Gladiators
How did it all start? Why would you wish him dead? You don’t even know him, yet the anger pushes you to the limit, fires inside the stone burn with insanity. Every opponent you take down only makes the heat inside your chest more unbearable, it seems the cold surface of the stone becomes thin like the ice in the spring. Pictures of the past come to life again, it looks like the fire is feeding them, combining together in the hideous image.

The war of the Stones
They didn’t know who created the Stones — but the ancient scrolls told about the immortality and riches beyond imagination hidden within the walls of the Lost Temple. Or was it Temple of the Lost Souls? Names hardly matter when the immortal life and power are at stake. They didn’t call themselves Etherlords back then, but the seekers. Seekers for the knowledge of the past, sages and wizards, capable of seeing through illusions and mist covering the hidden temple.

The unbelievable resources were at their disposal, kings and emperors of the world — answered their call, and raised the biggest armies the world has ever seen — to aid the Seekers in their quest for Immortality. Every ruler dreamt about it. What can possibly be better than ruling his lands and subjects forever? Only ruling the lands of others, the whole world forever, of course! And so the battle began!

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