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New Ethereum game! Acquire, improve and trade virtual cities while earning passive income in the game's in game cryptocurrency! Learn more on !

Etherpoly cities generate passive OLY income, that can be boosted by upgrading and building houses, offices, hotels or factories. OLY is Etherpoly's ERC-20 in-game cryptocurrency that can be used to acquire additional cities.

Etherpoly cities are ERC-721 NFTs, and exist in limited supply, as the available countries are hard coded into the smart contract.

Revenues for your city are influenced by factors such as your city's population, GDP and your existing upgrades.

In order to see your POLY (City) and OLY (Currency) tokens appear on your Metamask account, please follow these steps :
1) Click on the "Tokens" tab
2) Click "ADD Token"
3) Chose this address for the cities tokens (POLY) : 0x3bf3d4e80b91d2731abcb154c21ad35abb417fd2
The symbol (POLY) and decimals (0) should auto-fill, then click Add.
4) Repeat the same process for currency tokens (OLY) and chose this contract:
The symbol (OLY) and decimals (3) should auto-fill, then click Add.
There you go, now you can see your tokens in real time on Metamask!
Keep in mind OLY balance only updates when you retrieve your cities' balance, upgrade or sell them !

Contract Adrress


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