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Etna DeFi is an all-things DeFi suite developed by Etna Network. It provides users with access to DeFi applications such as an algorithmic money market for lenders and borrowers, staking and yield farming applications and a cross-chain bridge that enable users to swap tokens and NFTs from one blockchain to another.

The Algorithmic money market is one of the main dApp in Etna DeFi, it is one of the most user friendly lending/borrowing dApp in the crypto space. In addition to this, it also offers the following advantages.

1. It is the first Algorithmic money market to support the use of whitelisted NFTs as collateral.

2. Loans are interest free when Etna tokens or NFTs are used as collateral

3. Lenders of stable coins double earn; i.e, they earn interest and also earn a high bonus yield on their deposits.

As the Etna Network team is working hard to revolutionize the space, they are also working on a B2B money instrument which will be integral to the self-repaying loan mechanism that the team is developing.

The team is also working on an undercollateralized loan protocol. With this going live soon, users will be able to trade/arbitrage on multiple DEXs with up to 5 times the funds they actually have.

Etna DeFi also offers users access to tokens/NFT staking and farming. And finally, a cross-chain bridge that enables users to conveniently move tokens and NFTs from one bridge to the other.

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