Eutaria  is an off-chain play-to-earn game, players can trade eutarians at  marketplace, breed eutarians, explore caverns, visit taverns, manage  lands, participate in invasions, and pvp battles. The gameplay is simple brain games based on your focus, attention,  memory, and reaction. It was launched October 8 and it's already  play-to-earn on the first day.  There's no gas fees needed for every play or transaction.

Hold Eutaria EUT token to unlock play-to-earn! The more playeres come the more Eutaria holders will be.

Rewards value are fixed
Eutaria has an in-game currency called Pleasure Potions (PP). The fixed value per PP is 1 USD (US dollar). It can be bought at the in-game shop using BNB tokens. Use PP to buy Eutarians, taverns or caverns, which can then earn you more Pleasure Potions. The Pleasure Potions can be claimed on the 14th and 28th day of the month, starting at 2400 UTC.

Players can earn by eutarising, exploring caverns, staying in taverns, battling against invasions, player-vs-player battles, and land management. The Rewards Pool is continuously filled from the buy/sell transactions of the EUT token, pleasure potion fees and marketplace transactions.

In-game scholarship
Invite a friend to be a ‘Scholar’ and let them play your Eutarians for you. Rewards will automatically be distributed based on the percentage of earnings set by the owner. Only a wallet address is required for Scholars to participate, and there will be no charge for them to play.

Contract Adrress


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