Everdragons is a platform for blockchain games, all 100% on chain. There isn't even a signup. It is the easiest and most fun way to get started with crypto and blockchain. Collect unique Everdragons, let them compete with others in a variety of games and earn experience and gold coins!

At the center of the Metaverse is the Ever dragons2 token. Owning these poweful utility NFTs makes you a commanding part of the Metaverse. For each Everdragons2 token in your possession you get:

A voice in the Everdragons DAO
A loot box for the upcoming play-to-earn game Origins, with Genesis units, settlement plans and Obsidian, the in-game currency.

The upcoming turn-based tactical play-to-earn game, set in the homeland of Everdragons. Players battle for Obsidian and build powerful alliances and communities to rule the lands.

Everdragons has a long history of pioneering the multi chain approach and is proud to be the first project to natively integrate into Wormhole with Everdragons2. Holders of Everdragons2 tokens benefit from the utility and flexibility of multiple chains at the same time.

Holders of Everdragons2 tokens are the voice for community decisions inside the Everdragons Metaverse.

Ever dragons legacy
This is one of the first NFT collections ever, minted on July 2018 across Ethereum, POA Network and Tron.

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