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What is Evolution Land?
Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent. The game will have up to 26 continents, each of which is deployed on a different public chain. Four continents have been built so far and have been deployed on Ethereum (Atlantis Continent), Tron (Byzantine), Columbus (Crab Network), and Dawning (Heco).

Evolution Land's integrates various gameplays, including management, collection, education, gene, battle, auction, and game, which will continuously be evolving.

Play to earn

Players own NFT land where they can put on NFT mining tools “Drills” and mining character Apostles to mine 5 resources and build architecture. In the future, more features like cross-continents trade, war and Apostles fighting are going to launch.

One Dapp One Community Metaverse

10+ projects have announced plans to build communities in Evolution Land to present project information and give back rewards to the community fans.Evolution Land is a simulation game with game asset management as its
core. It is also an open platform and self-governing ecology based on
blockchain and is dedicated to the development, operation and resource
integration of blockchain games. Game assets refer to game IP, game
props, and other game value. Evolution Land will design a good game
asset model and economic system to increase the value of game assets
by expanding high-quality game scenarios


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