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Fantasy Doge  – The World’s First Doge Gaming Union for Players!

Fantasy Doge is the first Doge game in BSC that automatically reflects BUSD as a reward.

Recently the crypto market has moved by trend. And the current trend is clear: games and metaverse.

Fantasy Dog e Ecosystem is the world’s first Dog e Gaming Union for players. NFT Gaming and Defi combine perfectly to cheer the players and enable the users to earn a passive income. The Fantasy Dog e ecosystem includes Fantasy Dog e Game, Fantasy Doge Swap, and 4% Redistribution in Reward Mechanism.

Rewards, Collection & Play to Earn
In 2100, an asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, burns up everything, and destroys the world. Human and other species’ life is facing extinction. However, the 5 types of doge breeding in secret laboratories will incredibly alter the natural world. With a gene variant, these Fantasy Doge could absorb the unique energy from meteorites and the evolution brings them new strength and superpower that Fantasy Dog e can cast spells.

Leaving the laboratory, Fantasy Dog e has the adventure to search for the life left in the world. But what are the biggest challenges that they will face in the future?

Let’s discover this in the Fantasy Dog e’s story.

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