Fantasy Space is the first GameFi FarmersWorld based on BSC. In the virtual world of the game, players can use appropriate tools to develop resources and purchase land to build their own farms, allowing players to achieve a brand new experience of life and wealth through FantasySpace.

FantasySpace is a Metaverse BlockChain game, which by projecting the actual scene, constructs a world in a never-seen before order.
Thus, through a fantastical space, we have achieve the dreams of a new lifestyle and noveau taste of being wealthy.

There are three kinds of resources in the Fantasy Space: food, iron ore, and diamonds. Tools and food are needed to take advantage of these resources. Fantasy Space has three resources: food, iron and diamond. Developing these resources requires tools and food. Iron mining tools include 3 types: Mattock, Electric pick, and Impact pick Food output tools include 3 types: Pistol, Shotgun, and Sniper rifle Diamond can only be mined by using the Drilling rig due to the high difficulty of digging.
Inspired by Ernest Cline's masterpiece, Ready Player One,
we have decided to bring to life Fantasy Space, and set off on an Odyssey in a strange new world. This is the rebirth of lives. This is a fantastical journey. This will be your other world. You will become the earliest inhabitants of a Fantasy Space. Along the way, you will combine gear with unique NFTs and become stronger with every step. In order to become the master of this land, you will adapt to the changes of the ground beneath your feet.


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