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Fantomon is a thriving DeFi ecosystem based around Healing and Training your Fanto mon! Fanto mon are strange, otherwordly creatures that have entered our universe from some form of "gateway"  from the Great Beyond! Trainers captured and studied Fanto mon to find a way to understand and make peace with their kind. After many years, Fanto mon and Trainers came together and made peace, pushing the advancements of science to new limits! Fanto mon however, are plagued by evil spirits, causing them to weaken and lose their health!   It is up to you, The Trainer, to help Heal and care for these Fantomon with the help of Healing Rifts and FOOD!   Mint a Trainer!   Mint a Fantomon!   Visit the Healing Rift!   Journey for Courage!   Farm Gunk!

Fantomon is a Play-to-Earn Trading Card Game that merges a retro game style with DeFi and a Play-to-Earn model. The entire game is built on-chain on the Fantom Opera network. All cards, items and resources are tokens on Fantom!
Fantomons are bizarre creatures from another realm that have started appearing in our universe through some form of "gateway"! We don't know how or why they are here, nor do we understand where they came from. Trainers collect and study Fantomons to improve our understanding of them, maintain the delicate balance and prevent catastrophe.
Collect Trainer cards and Fantomon cards, interact with them, and unlock new ways to earn!
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