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What is FireBusd?
The value of FireBusd will rise as more users invest BUSD.

1. Enter BUSD into the machine and earn daily staking rewards in FireBusd tokens (2% per day). You can claim your FireBusd rewards at anytime. You cannot unstake your BUSD tokens.

2. You have two options with your FireBusd tokens, you can sell them for BUSD, or you can stake them to earn more FireBusd tokens (4% per day). FireBusd staking is locked for 7 days

3. Terminology

3.1. Total Supply : The maximum amount of FireBusd that can exist

3.2. Circulating Supply : The amount of FireBusd tokens that are currently in wallets

3.3. Available Suppy : (Total Supply - Cirulating Supply)

3.4. FireBusd Price : (Total BUSD Balance / Circulating Supply)

4. Mint FireBusd - As you claim FireBusd from minting, it is removed from the Available Supply and added to the Circulating Supply

5. Sell FireBusd - As you sell FireBusd, it is removed from the Circulating Supply and added to the Available Supply

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