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What is Foodcourt Finance?
Foodcourt is a leading innovation decentralized exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain focus to be the biggest exchange of native ETH (Native Coin). Users are incentivized to pool liquidity on Foodcourt through yield farming to earn the native currency, $COUPON. Additionally, customers can use their earned $COUPON to use in our foodcourt ecosystem (To be more in details ....)  Foodcourt use KillSwitch(Northbridge) standard for native coin, this would help solving issue for low liquidity when customer want to cross to other chains, for instance kMatic which is KillSwitch standard on BSC, customer can buy kMatic though LP and use bridge back to Matic Chain and kMatic becomes real Matic Coin  In future foodcourt will list every native coin with BIP39 wallet Standard such as ETH, Avalance, Klaytn, heco, ont, fantom, harmony, xDAI.

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