Footballcoin is a completely new and different NFT football game based on Blockchain technology, where users can directly transform into a player with sublime skills, a talented manager with multi-tactics.

WELCOME TO FOOTBALLCOIN - WHERE BRING ABOUT MOST VALUABLE LEGENDS Footballcoin is an accomplishment new and different NFT football game based on Blockchain technology Players can transform into a player with feat skills, talented managers with attractive tactics.

Roi of project will be from 20-25 days and we have a lot of token burning mechanics in games like fitness recharge, name change fee, shirt number change, we also have player contract feature, in addition, there are tax fees such as withdraw, transfer market fee and games will be really stable when we launch PvP and super league.

Community building is important thing but make the price balance to make the game to be long investments is more important. Our Contract will be audited by Verichain or Certik and announce before IDO selling sir. We have annouce our lock wallet that you can check the pin post,Going ahead, we want to make the game a long-term investment, since there are only a few backers/investors from the start, eliminating the danger of a sudden large token release, causing the token price to decrease, so you can invest now with confidence that you will not become someone else's "liquidity."

-We have burning and buying back token to rebalance the price we will try our best to rebalance price.

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