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What is FORT Protocol?
FORT is a representative of the defi metaverse. Unlike traditional defi, the protocol is not just a financial intermediary, but a seller with unlimited liquidity that can sell any future revenue stream to users: trading, lending, perpetual contracts, leveraged transactions, options, swaps, bonds, insurance, etc. FORT has a unique token DCU, which we define as an equilibrium coin, and All transactions of the system correspond to destruction or issuance of dcu: An user destroys dcu to obtain the right of obtaining future revenue streams, and the system issues additional dcu to settle down requests of revenue streams. In fact, DCU holders are the implied counterparties. Through a sophisticated deflation mechanism, DCUs have a tendency to appreciate in value and thus generate income for long-term holders.

Currently decentralized derivatives, with unlimited liquidity, can be opened and closed at any time without any fees, can be bought (destroyed) and settled (issued). Currently European-style options and perpetual contracts are live: participants pay DCU tokens to trade options or perpetual contracts, and the agreement is automatically settled based on the participant's profit or loss. Paid DCU tokens are destroyed and settled DCU tokens are issued in increments by the system.

FORT creatively introduces the Probability Coin (PRC) to the crypto world. PRC, as a standard token, also preserves the possibility to win different returns. PRC allows its holder to win X DCUs, the uniform token in FROT ecosystem, with a probability of 1/X. In principle, the user can choose any value for X, i.e., countless choices of return-probability pairs.

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