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What is Fortpolis Bank?
STEP 1 - Stake BUSD and earn daily staking rewards in FORT token (2 tokens per day for every 100 BUSD deposited). You can claim your $FORT rewards anytime. You cannot unstake your staked BUSD.

STEP 2 - You have three options with your $FORT tokens: you can sell them for BUSD, you can stake them to earn more $FORT tokens (4 per day for every 100 FORT in staking) or you can use your FORTs to play other FORTpolis games.


$FORT staking is locked for 7 days.


There are no sales limits for FORT tokens and every time you use FORT in other Fortpolis games, they return to the Bank's available supply.


▶ Total Supply: The maximum amount of $FORT that can exist

▶ Circulating Supply: The amount of $FORT tokens that are currently in wallets

▶ Available Supply: (Total Supply - Circulating Supply)

▶ $FORT Price: (Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply)

▶ Mint $FORT - As you claim $FORT from minting, it is removed from the Available Supply and added to the Circulating Supply

▶ Sell $FORT - As you sell $FORT, it is removed from the Circulating Supply and added to the Available Supply

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