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Fox Game Official Rabbits and Foxes go head-to-head on-chain for the enticing prize of CARROT. You decide your fate in Fox Game. Around the farm, an abundance of rabbits and foxes scurry to harvest carrots, however, the farm has grown too big and new threats of nature have entered the game.

CARROT is the utility token of Fox Game and it is only used for gameplay. The development team does not sell or provide value to this token other than it being used for playing Fox Game.

The metaverse mainland is full of creatures. Around the Farm, an abundance of Rabbits scurry to harvest $CARROT. Alongside Farmers, they expand the farm and multiply their earnings. There's only one small problem -- the farm has grown too big and a new threat of nature has entered the game.

Foxes have taken notice and soon Rabbits are fighting for their survival. Foxes love Rabbit but they'll take their $CARROT too. Worst of all, Foxes have been known to steal an occasional mint. The more cunning the Fox, the larger the spoils.

But the Fox is not the only predator in play...

Fox Game Official Soon, it will be open season and Hunters will come to collect. Hunters are the most ruthless characters in the Fox Game and will take everything. They don't care about percentages nor do they feel any remorse. They want all the $CARROT they can get. Foxes and Rabbits must fear for their lives.

As a farmer, will you recruit a Hunter to join your farm? Or will you fight back with your Foxes and Rabbits?

Fox Game is a gamified NFT protocol with next-level tokenomics. Fox Game takes on-chain art and game theory mechanics to a new level with unique twists, more decisions to make, and new risks to assess. Fox Game also utilizes an extensible contract platform that allows integrating Phase 2 seamlessly.

Minting begins at 0.0649 ETH for the first 10,000 GEN 0 mints. GEN 1 mints cost $CARROT.
Rabbits, Foxes and Hunters all compete for $CARROT through staking and unique abilities specific to their role (see below).
Rabbits are the most common (90%), Foxes are rare (8-10%), and Hunters are extremely rare (2%).
Mints after GEN 0 have a 10% chance of being stolen by a cunning Fox. If they succeed, the farmer loses their $CARROT.
Hunters are only available after GEN 0 mints and cannot be stolen from the original farmer.
If a Rabbit is removed from the staking contract, there's a 50% chance all its carrots will be stolen by the Foxes and Hunters.
Once Hunters have entered the game, Foxes leaving their Den have a 5% chance of being stolen by a sharpshooting Hunter.
Hunters receive a portion of all stolen $CARROT, on top of the 20,000 $CARROT farmed per day.

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