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Foxy Equilibrium is an experimental NFT Game on the BSC network where players can interract with NFTs, feed them or find dying NFT's to kill for exp rewards.

Foxy Equilibrium Adopt a New FNFT with 100 Foxy
Feed them to level up and keep your FNFTs alive. You can use Foxy or any other token in the feed list.
You can claim your reward once every 24 hrs.

Hello Foxy Trainer I’ll tell you about HUNTER Foxy NFT (FNFT)

FNFT have Time of Death(TOD) that mean FNFT have a soul(Timer) so if Trainer Foxy NFT did not feed them before TOD countdown time your pet will available on the Hunter page and other Trainers kill them forget more…

Adopt New FNFT with 100 Foxy
Feed them for keep your FNFT alive and get some Exp for Level Up you can use Foxy or other token in feed list
You can claim reward everyday depend on your level FNFT
If you not feed your FNFT they will get sick and other player can kill them(Burn)
Every HUNTER/KILLER get 50% Exp from FNFT they kill and give to their FNFT
Every FNFT reach Level 100 or more they can claim and choice 1 Treasure box and get all Token then FNFT level reset and get star ICON
FNFT Have 3 Type intelligence: Crazy, Normal and Smart intelligence Impact to FNFT Reward

50% from adopt FNFT and Feed will be Burn
49% from adopt and feed will alocation to treasure reward
1% from adopt and feed will alocation to Foxy Master(Devloper)

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