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What is Freeport Metaverse?
🚢Freeport P2E on-chain game🚢

Do you like GTA? Or do you prefer the sims more? If you like strategic life simulation video games, you should check out our project. Freeport Metaverse is an On-chain game. Not only let you enjoy the game, but also truly own your in- game assets as NFTs.

⭐ Whole the assets are NFTs or Token

⭐ Most of NFTs available to transfer to BSC chain

⭐ Millions of AI in game

⭐ Each AI has their own wallet address and can use smart contracts. Means liberty.

⭐ Completely new economic model no one use it  in game

⭐ Low gas fee on our game chain

🎨Great NFT Authoring Tools🎨

Our game is not only for playing. Lots of NFT Tools for users. If you are an artist, it is really easy to turn your art into NFTs. Not only turn an image, 3D object into NFTs. Most of our tools are customizable.

✅NFT Maker - Gaia would implement for user and give the owner permission.

✅Customizable your NFTs price, quantity, attributes.

✅Everyone can mint and trade your NFTs easily

✅Tool for creating in Freeport Metaverse and BSC both

💼Reality linkable business simulation ecosystem💼

In Freeport Metaverse, you are able to launch your token and DAO. Link it to your business and NFTs in Freeport Metaverse. Moreover, you can let your token, NFT, be available to use in your reality communities, business and other cases.

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