What is Freyala?
What is Freyala (XYA) ?

Freyala ($XYA) is an HRC-20 token built on the Harmony blockchain. The idea behind this project is to create a beginner-friendly means of using crypto with the power of low-cost and fast transactions on the Harmony blockchain. The core part of this ecosystem is CryptIDs, which are effectively monster collectible NFTs that players can purchase, trade and battle others with.


Stake. Unlock. Upgrade. Challenge.

CryptIDs, also known as ‘Harmons’, are monster collectible NFTs created with distinctive properties, giving each one a unique combination of stats and abilities (hence different strengths and weaknesses). Some Harmons are simply stronger and more valuable.

Stake & Unlock

Users can slowly unlock more Harmons tokens by staking XYA, playing minigames and more upcoming ways. These tokens can be used to open booster packs containing a small number of monsters tentatively named Harmons.

Upgrade your Harmons

All Harmons will have their own unique forms and the following rarities: Common, Rare and Epic. Players will be able to upgrade their Harmons to the next rarity level by merging the same base creature multiple times. Some Harmons will have an extra rarity: Legendary. Legendary variants are limited to a certain group of Harmons and are relatively difficult to collect, with them being substantially more difficult to obtain or craft.

Challenge others and battle your Harmons

Once you build up a valiant army of Harmons, you can battle others. Matchmaking is done based on the rarity of your NFTS. This means that someone with all legendary Harmons will never go against someone with purely common Harmons.

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