What is Fried Donuts?
Innovative DeFi on Binance Smart Chain Upto 15% daily return and 13% referral bonus Fully Verified and Audited Contract.

What are ‘Donuts’?

Donuts are the miners that are hired with BNB and work to get your rewards. This is just a term we decided to use. Crypto OGs will know ‘Donut’ as BNB

What are the fees?

There is 1% dev fee taken upon all deposits and withdraw from Fried Donuts. Standard BSC network gas fees are required for every transaction made deposits, withdraws and re-fry!

Is this sustainable?

Yes, as long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards. The hungry people who eat too much get punished and get lower and lower rewards. It will last a long time the higher the TVL is.

What is the best strategy?

We recommend the tried and tested method as in it is written in the contract. Re-Fry 6 days and eat 1 day a week. It will compound your investment and receive your initial back in 3-5 weeks

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