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What is Frontyard Baseball?
Frontyard Baseball is a fun and exciting 9v9 strategy-based baseball play to earn game where you own your player and earn ETH to hit home runs.Buy your player, build your dream team, and become legendary inthe ultimate crypto baseball game. Current Mint Price: 0.02 ETH. There are 25,000 Frontyard Kids available on the Polygon blockchain. Each kid is an NFT with unique stats that you will own.With just one Frontyard Kid on the field, you can enter games and even watch the action unfold live. Earn ETH in every victory. Play for free or for crypto! Make plans with friends and family, meet people from across the globe, and receive payouts as you play. Play the game and earn $BSBL (Baseball) tokens. Use tokens to upgrade your player! Tokens will gain you access to in-game boosts, level ups and more. A portion of each mint totaling $150,000 will be donated to youth sport charities of the community’s choosing. You will be making an impact while having fun. At Frontyard Games, we are building the premier decentralized gaming community for sports enthusiasts by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. play and enjoy the game of fun.....A fun and exciting 9v9 strategy baseball game where you own your player

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