Frutti Dino is an SRPG game in which you protect the habitats of Dinos by fending off incompletely born wild mutants by using Dinos with different characteristics composed of NFTs. You can enjoy playing by using various strategies by utilizing the unique stats given to each Dino. Users can develop and play the game with Dinos adopted from breeding or other users. In addition, through the special items obtained by disassembling and crafting various goods obtained in the game, you can further develop Dino's abilities as well as appearance.

Frutti Dino can be traded at any time through the Marketplace, and additional profits can be earned through the Lease System or the Expedition Mode. Frutti Dino's game development will be made in a form that can run on most platforms so that it can be played regardless of platform.

Frutti Dino is a game meant exclusively for you.
Enjoy New Play to Earn Game.
Only Dinoverse brings you multiple game modes and game systems tailored for you.

Dinoverse Ecosystem makes the time you invest in Frutti Dino worthwhile.

FDT is an BEP-20 based governance token that sustains Frutti Dino ecosystem. You can use FDTs across Dino Breeding, FDT Staking, and Dino Exchange, among others.

Separate from the governance token FDTs, FAT is an BEP-20 utility token created for smooth gaming. Used in Dino Breeding, Crafting and others, you can earn FATs in various ways through games.

All game items used in Dinoverse are issued as NFTs for use. It’s designed for you to monetize the values your increase via user-to-user trading in Dinoverse Marketplace.

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