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What is Galactic Arena?
This is the battlefield that everyone has been waiting for! It doesn't matter where your NFT comes from, In this NFTverse, you can bring your favorite heroes along with you! Take part in THE CARNIVAL, then make wagers on PvP battles in REAL TIME! Prizes include BNB, BUSD, GAN! Get on top of the Leaderboard and earn extra rewards!Galactic Arena: The NFTverse
A brief description about our project
Galactic Arena: The NFTverse is a one of a kind blockchain based NFT game which utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. To start playing the game, a user only needs an online wallet to connect with their gaming profile.
Once connected, the user can choose to purchase and use the characters provided in the game, or they can migrate their own Gaming NFTs into our ecosystem from their connected wallet. Once successfully migrated, the user can upgrade their character according to the rules of the Galactic Arena, and compete in different events to earn rewards and participate in different tournaments. At any moment, the user may choose to disconnect from the game, and retain ownership of their NFT.
We feel that the most interesting feature of the game is the Player vs Player battle (THE CAGE), where users can fight against each other in real-time and place wagers on the outcome. This real-time player to player interaction is key for constant user engagement and large pay outs for all NFTs involved in the game.


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