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Galaxy Online is an epic MMO with blockchain-based game races. Space online strategy game with huge universe consisting of a variety of galaxies where ruthless battles take place for dominance over planets and rich territories of space.

Galaxy Online combines the space world and the world of the blockchain industry. Perhaps in a few years, the biggest blockchain currencies will be implemented in most countries as a means of payment in parallel with fiat currencies. And when this happens, a line of those who are now commonly called crypto enthusiasts will line up for tourist space shuttles. And at their helm will be those with millions of light years behind them in the game universe of Galaxy Online. Let us recall what the essence of the game is. Players choose a space race, each of which is a blockchain: Free TON, NEAR, Tron, Long, Minter, Decimal Chain. Then players compete against each other, obviously for the glory of their race. The Ethereum race will be added soon. The game features a variety of quests: capturing planets and developing invaded territories, trading, mining, building space stations and more. The creators of the game say that much of this appears thanks to the most active and enthusiastic players who share their ideas and desires about the development of Galaxy Online in the public chat. NFT space stations and other innovations Now the creators of the project are engaged in placing the entire cosmic universe they created on one seamless map. Once this work is completed, everyone will be able to buy an NFT space station (they will all be different) and place it at a specific location on the map. Fixing a station in a certain place simultaneously adds it to the game map — other players will see your stronghold.


Conquer planets, mine minerals, improve skills and technologies, build your fleet, trade, attack and defend, join corporations and clans.

In addition to the pleasant process of the game, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without investments just by playing!

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