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Game On! 2022 is a 1.5-day virtual conference celebrating the essence of Gaming, Art, Music and Entertainment (GAME) industries by bringing together passionate gamers, artists, developers, investors and fans in a true-to-spirit gamified environment. If you are a hardcore Gaming fan or Art / Music enthusiast or an Entertainment aficionado keen to learn more about how new technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi & NFTs are transforming this space, this is the conference to be at!

Customize your own avatar, watch the live stream, meet exhibitors and chat with organizers. Invite your friends to race and collect the scavenger hunt items hidden throughout all eleven rooms to earn VIP access granting you access beyond event capacity.

Summit will be a virtual event. This is your chance to network with people from around the world, speak with other major players in the community, and make your own life-changing connections.



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