10001 UNIQUE Genzee

A mysterious attack has stolen all humanity traits. Join the resistance and help create the new generation!

Genzee is a collection of 10,001 unique collectibles living in the Ethereum blockchain procedurally generated from a mix of 3D and hand drawn items by Alex Solis.

IT are from an alternate reality highlighting the effects of our current society and culture trends.

The $ODDXtoken will be an integral part of the mechanics that are coming to the Genzee universe. $ODDX will be released in different phases:(1) Smart Contract
(2) Website interface
(3) Rewards
(4) Liquidity Pool
2. Video Games(Phase 1) A soft launch available to the public.
(Phase 2) Exclusivity to our holders to earn tokens.
(Phase 3) Adding other mini games!
3. Oddworx Shop
This will be our shop where you'll be able to redeem your $ODDX for exclusive items and rewards.

4. Genzee Cares
Genzee Cares is an initiative created by the Genzee community. Super Rare Genzees will be created and auctioned on OpenSea. The winning bidder will receive the NFT, and funds from the auction will be added to a community wallet. We want to bring our community together and look for charities and events to support using these funds. We are hosting weekly Twitter Spaces called "Journey to Genzee" to interview fellow holders about their personal stories and the initiatives they support.

5. IRL
Aside from our digital-exclusive projects, we will have a presence in Multiple IRL Events as well as holding our own exclusive events.

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