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What is GoldBee?
GoldBee is a GameFi project where any participant can earn a substantial amount of their investments.

The main goal is to build more Hives in your Apiary to produce Honey, which can be withdrawn as BNB.

our Apiary will generate a BNB revenue of 8% to 16% of your initial investments.

Also there is a referral reward of 10% that you can gain from sharing your personal link with your friends. That 10% of the BNB invested By your referrals will go to your Hives, and another special feature of this project enables you to withdraw (sell a portion of your Hives), but only when you accumulate 0,10 BNB (or more) from referrals. And there is more, when you reach >0,50 BNB (or more) from referrals you can also get back the same amount from your total investment. For example you have invested 2 BNB, you got 0,80 BNB from referrals, you can withdraw 1,60 BNB and your Hives value will be 1,2 BNB (2 + 0,80 - 1,60). But remember, every 24h you must Compound (Reinvest) or sell your Honey because after 24h the Bees stop producing Honey. This is to ensure that every participant is active and is keeping the platform alive.

For the average user this might seem uncomplicated. But in fact, the project code is not that simple. There is a 7% fee applied on all Investments and Withdrawals. Those funds are actively used by the creators of this platform, and invested wisely and then returned back as TVL in the contract. This will ensure the longevity of the project as this will help to increase the balance of the contract even when there are no more new users coming. Of course that we aim to bring more and more users, but we are here for the long run, if we work togheter we can keep a steady earning for everyone.

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