Golden Craft - The game is based on the famous minecraft game and is very similar to it visually, but first of all Golden craft is a crypto game on the TRON blockchain in which you can visit dungeons, get resources, craft and repair your items. We offer you the freedom of the blockchain, trade your items, receive dividend payments for an active game every day. Dividend payments 70% of the game’s income goes to the dividend fund and will be returned to the players. Every day, part of the fund will be placed in the dragon’s treasury and distributed among the players based on the rating. Rating reset occurs every 24 hours The more you get Ender Pearls, the higher your ranking and the more TRX you get. Ender pearls can be obtained by visiting game dungeons. Also, the better your equipment, the more Ender Pearls you can get.

Golden Craft is a Tron-powered game based on the Minecraft game that all of you probably know so well. That’s why Golden Craft is so similar to Minecraft visually. In this game you can visit dungeons, collect resources, craft and repair items, and even more. You can use all the collected items for trading to earn profit. What is more, all active members receive dividends for playing.


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