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What is Grinch Bucks?
Grinch Bucks is a high-risk daily ROI dapp on BSC, earning 8% per day.

How To Play:

Deposit BNB in exchange for Hams. Your Hams will go to work earning yield in the form of Green Eggs.

You will earn 8% of your Hams per day in the form of Green Eggs shown under "My Rewards". Follow the 6:1 protocol to extend the life of the platform. That means compounding your earnings 6 days, followed by claiming the 7th day.

Platform Fees:

Buying: 3% dev fee. Referrals will be sent 12.5% of the purchase amount in the form of Green Eggs. *Referral amount is not deducted from your purchase
Compounding: Referrals will receive 12.5% of the Green Eggs compounded. *Referral amount is not deducted from your balance
Selling: 3% dev fee

You will earn 12.5% of the BNB used to buy Hams from anyone who uses your referral link. Referrals will also earn 12.5% of any refer's compounded Green Eggs.

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