What is Guild of Guardians?
Guild Of Guardians is a mobile RPG which will allow players to turn their gaming passions into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic rewards. Guild of Guardians is developed by Stepico and published by Immutable. Stepico Games is a leading Ukrainian game development studio with a team of more than 80 designers, artists and developers. They have developed multiple mobile titles in the strategy and RPG space, which have received more than 5 million downloads. Immutable is an industry leading $17m VC-funded blockchain company backed by investors such as Naspers, Galaxy Digital and Coinbase. They are responsible for launching the most successful blockchain Trading Card Game, Gods Unchained, which is headed up by Chris Clay, the former director of Magic the Gathering Arena.

As Guild of Guardians is not an open-world environment, the main gameplay will come in the form of progressing through dungeons. Going through the dungeons and completing the challenges will earn players resources, currency and equipment. Players can use these rewards to acquire and enhance heroes, and create equipment. Newly acquired heroes and equipment will help players complete the next set of challenges and so forth.

All dungeons in Guild of Guardians are level-based and unique. There will be monsters, bosses and traps to explore and overcome, providing variety throughout the game.

How Do Guilds Work?
As the objective of this game is to bring together players in a multiplayer setting, guilds play an integral role. Anyone who wants to earn big rewards, collect everything and complete the game will need to become part of a Guild. In addition, there are game modes that only Guild players can access, which offer stronger enemies and unique and rare rewards.

Guilds come in four different tiers:

Adventurers Guild: 20 members, guild leader receives a first-cut of 1% of any sale
Warriors Guild: 30 members, guild leader receives a 2.5% cut of any sale
Legends Guild: 40 members, guild leader receives a 5% cut of any sale
Mythic Guild: 50 members, guild leader receives a 10% cut
Aspiring guild leaders had a chance to purchase guilds prior to the game's launch, with prices ranging from $200 to $100,000. However, according to the site, they are all sold out, indicating guild membership may become rather challenging

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