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What is Gunfire Hero?
What is Gunfire Hero?

Gunfire Hero is a combat shooter game that features automatic shooting gameplay, players only need to control the movement of the character, the shooting is completely automatic, and the monsters will have no place to hide.

In Gunfire Hero, players will play the role of hero with a powerful rifle. Your mission is to fight against the vicious monsters while buffing energy by collecting in-game items, earning tokens, and upgrading your hero/equipment. Monsters after each challenge will become more dangerous, more crowded, and stronger. If your hero/equipment can't level up, it will be a great danger to humanity.

Gunfire Hero players can make profit in a few ways:

They can earn award prizes once they win the endless mode/ weekly event/ each stage.

They can upgrade in-game items’ rarity levels and sell them on the marketplace with higher prices.

They can upgrade their characters and trade them later.

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