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Hashes are NFT's most basic building block - an origin point of access for users and a source of entropy & versatile distribution.

Hashes are governed by the HashesDAO (comprised of only the first 1000 tokens - Token IDs 0-999). There is an unbounded supply to Hashes, so anyone is welcome to join and participate in the vibrant ecosystem.

What is Hashes?
Hashes is a new NFT building block and a DAO in one. A Hash is an NFT, a distribution mechanism, a source of entropy, and a vote in the DAO.

How can I join the DAO?
The first 1000 Hashes NFT cost 1 ETH to mint, and after that the DAO decides if there will be a minting fee. Only the first 1000 Hashe's are Hashes DAO members, able to make proposals and vote. Voting rights are always associated to these first thousand hashes - if you transfer one of these tokens, you are transferring your voting rights as well.

What does the DAO do?
The DAO can commission projects (such as artwork), either unique to be owned by the DAO, or to be generated and distributed via Hashe's. The DAO can control the treasury and set minting fees for future Hashe's. The DAO cannot adjust supply, or transfer token ownership between users. The DAO also purchases existing NFTs and creates new Hashe's tools and applications.

How can I mint a Hash's ?
You can use this app to mint your first Hash by inputting a string of your choosing. This string will always be associated with your Hash's. Please note — all 1000 DAO hashes have been minted. To join the DAO, you will need to buy an active Hash's numbered 0-999.

What can I do with a Hash's  as a token holder?

Right now, think about the Hash's like some raw material that has properties, but we may not have discovered them all yet. Check out the “perceive” tab to see some “intrinsic” traits that are found in Hashes, like drift, leading 0’s and more. You can participate in an infinitely-growing set of integrations using your Hash.

What can I do with a Hash as a content creator?
Artists, game designers, and others can use Hashe's as the source of randomness in generative work or bridge together to form an identity. A content creator is now empowered to define their distribution channel however they see fit (e.g. artwork dropped to only the first 1K hashes, or even-numbered hashes, etc.).

A Hash seems kind of simple.
Yes. That’s the whole point!

Why are you doing this?
Because it’s fun! NFTs, and DAOs, are all experiments in coordination, pushing the boundaries of what creates community and what communities can accomplish. Hashes and their pseudo-randomness are a building block of the decentralized web. What if you could own your own random seed? What new dynamics emerge?

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