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What is Hashkings?
The Hashkings virtual farming simulator is a fully tokenized blockchain experience utilizing fungible and non-fungible tokens.  Immerse yourself in the cannabis industry and choose your path to riches.  Whether you are interested in becoming a land baron in one of our limited regions, a seed producer or a farmer who sells his buds for profit this game is right for you.  Hashkings offers many ways to not only profit but also contribute to the community by participating in our free market economy which is completely owned by the users.

Hashkings offers 6 regions in which to grow cannabis and each region has specific strains associated with them, known as landraces.  Each landrace has specific watering requirements, rates of production and sprouting time.  If you have always dreamed of owning your own cannabis farm and participating in the cannabis industry but for legal reasons were not able to do so then this is your chance!

All aboard the Hive Express!

Today is Token Creation. Tomorrow the world!

We wanted to get Tokens out to you guys ASAP, but don't worry. There's lots more to come. This includes more robust token management and an internal market to trade tokens against Hive, just like the existing HIVE/SBD market.

But wait. There's more!

Smart contracts are capable of doing so much more. As we add more smart contracts to the platform, so will the service offerings on this site. All easy to use and deploy for non-developers. If you ARE a developer, you'll have lots of toys to play with as well.

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