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What is Hat Swap City?
Hat Swap City is the world's first immersive NFT marketplace existing in a social MMO. Explore the futuristic pixel metaverse, earn tokens and NFTs with our mini-games, and chat with your friends. Hat City features Binance Smart Chain partner projects as a way to add utility to the chain & let you see your favorite NFTs come to life. The year is 2042. Nicholas Dusk has launched a fleet of spaceships to Mars. Each ship carries a micro-society of 10,000 people. In one ship, the strangest and most dangerous society has named itself HAT CITY. Whoever is voted to be MAYOR at the end of the journey will be crowned KING OF MARS.

Hat City is a multiplayer social game with elegant chatting features and an in-game NFT marketplace. The in-game currency is Hatcoin. The City features futuristic blockchain technology and is designed to meet the needs of cryptocurrency traders. Fun mini-games accessible in the City allow players to earn Hatcoin and NFTs.

Hat City is the first project to gamify the digital asset trading experience. When you log into Hat Swap City, any NFTs of supported blockchains in your wallet will show up in your inventory. You will be able to exchange these NFTs for supported currencies to other players inside the game world. This is the world’s first live-action NFT bazaar.

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