What is Heroes Of NFT ? Heroes of NFT is a P2E Card Game where every NFT is unique and in game finance includes crypto currency with yield farming possibilities. Heroes of NFT is a turn-based collectable trading card game. Players can battle in the arena and show-off their skills with unique hero cards. The never-ending possibilities will put competitors to the test of becoming a true strategist.

While in-game items will change the gaming pace drastically, future various game modes will allow players to experience different challenges. Users confront each other in the serious tournaments and the winners get rewarded generously. The limited legendary NFT Hero cards are the prizes that’ll be waiting for those winners.

Wallet ownable spell cards, weapons and cosmetics will bring your heroes extra power and extra customization options. Moreover, these items will be sold on the NFT marketplace to bring more volume to HON economics.

Our novel Play 2 Earn mechanics will allow players to be participants of a real economy. PvP and PvE modes are rewarded separately with mintable HRM tokens while the real prizes are distributed in the serious tournaments. HON token holders will designate the game’s future thus they’ll be the real game masters. Having all of these features, Heroes of NFT distinguish itself from the others.

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