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HeroesTD Along with technological innovation, the gaming industry is constantly reaching new highs. With the desire to create an appealing playground for both gaming and crypto enthusiasts to entertain and gain profits, the CG Studio team has been developing an NFT collectible tower defense strategy game – known as Heroes TD.

HeroesTD are the main playable assets of the game.
They also are the primary battle power of each player. Each Hero is born with a different set of attributes, which determines his abilities. Depending on the combination, the Hero's stats will differ.

Assasin - Increases Critical Damage and Critical Rate by % for Assassin-type champions.

Slayer - Increases AD (attack power) for Slayer-type champions

Warlord - Increases AD (attack power) and AP (magic power) of generals of the Warlord type

Elderwood - When active, each Ranger champion gains AP.

Hunter - When attacking, the Hunter's basic attacks deal % armor piercing damage.

Warlock - When attacking, Warlock's skill deals % magic resistance piercing damage

Duelist  When activated, all Duelist-type champions gain attack speed.

Wizard - When activated, the Wizard general has the ability to cast the skill twice, the second skill deals damage equal to % of the first time's damage.

Enlightened - Each Enlightened champion gains 2 Mana per hand attack. When you kill a monster, you will gain + more mana.

Fortune - Fortune-type champions will gain more Gold each time they kill each enemy.

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