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What is HeroVerse?
HeroVerse (HER) is a Binance Smart Chain token that links to the HeroVerse gaming ecosystem. It is developed by HiKer Game Studio, which has produced many successful games in the Southeast Asian market. HeroVerse makes use play-and-earn instead of play-to-earn mechanisms; it will be focused more on the gameplay and increase the player’s experiences.

The game  is the first match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy NFT Game, allows players to collect materials in the game that can be used for updating and minting NFTs using HER tokens. In the game, each player has no limits to the number of heroes, selecting from a total of four heroes which each have one active skill and one passive skill. In addition to the Hero having the basic attributes like other RPG games, the Hero will have stamina points, which will be consumed after each battle and need some time to recover.

The Crypto Hero system will assign a crypto medal to each hero. Those cryptos will be the top coins in the market like BTC, ETH or BNB . The power of the hero will increase or decrease depending on the trend of coins at that time. It makes the game more crypto-friendly and increases the hero variant.

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