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What is Honey Brew?
HoneyBrew is the first "miner" protocol to implement a hive. We believe that every investor is a "bee" brewing honey as a reward. Each bee belongs to a hive, and at least 2.5% of each deposit will be sent directly to the hive owner as a hive fee. Most innovatively, each hive is an independent marketplace with a separate pool balance and also a separate setting of its hive fees and referral rewards.

HoneyBrew provides every ambitious investor with access to their own hive, who can develop their own market and find more bees to brew honey together. All the hives will push the contract balance to a super huge volume, which will make HoneyBrew a community-based financial giant.

HoneyBrew offers all investors a block hash-based casino mini-game platform that is very fair and has reasonable odds. 2.5% of each bet will be drawn to support long-term development, of which 70% remains in the balance as a reserve, 20% is given directly to the hive owner, and 10% goes into the hive balance pool to make each hive healthier and longer-term.

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