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What is House of Goblins?
The House Of Goblins is not just a hand drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it's a blockchain game with many dimensions. A game where Goblins can mine Goblin Ore ($GORE).Our vision for this game and platform is based on the preliminary question, "How can we take existing blockchain game concepts and make them more compelling, exciting and fun!?" That is a question that drives us and frankly makes this whole journey worth the effort. We at Renascent Games (the developer company behind House of Goblins) are a team of designers and visionaries who create compelling, strategic blockchain games. House of Goblins is our first franchise with this in mind.We are a small team of friends that grew up together, played music and video games together. Gaming was a big part of our adolescent life. We spent hours playing DnD, WoW and many others strategy games with friends and family. With a background in software design and development wanted to take some of those elements and build them into a blockchain game that incorporated risk/reward systems leveraging tokens and NFTs. House of Goblins was born. Imagine a world where Goblins rule by mining their precious Goblin Ore. A world full of adventure and fraught with danger. Goblins can conjure tools and weapons which increase their mining efficiency and performance in the battlefields. Factions and clans form and go to war over greed for the mineral.

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