HPB17 is a simple game where you try to guess the randomly generated number within the smart contract. Guess correctly and you win all the crypto in the smart contract. Guess incorrectly, and a timer starts ticking down from 17 hours. If nobody else makes a guess before the timer reaches zero, then you win all the crypto in the smart contract anyway!

HPB17 is very simple, yet incredibly addictive FOMO game. The game generates a hidden random number. We know it’s random because it’s generated by the HPB “Hardware Random Number Generator” (HRNG) which is the closest you can truly get to random, as it uses microscopic voltage variances (down to 0.000001v) on the HPB blockchain BOE (Blockchain Offload Engine) which is a little bit like a graphics card (specifically developed for HPB) running inside all the servers (nodes) which make up the global HPB blockchain network.

The game generates this random number, then cryptographically encrypts it inside the smart contract, so that only the smart contract itself knows what the number is.

All you have to do is guess that number! :-)

Now we won’t lie…. to begin with, right at the start of the game…..the likelihood of guessing the number is slim….in fact it’s practically impossible! The hidden number will be between 1 and 1,000,000!

Huh? If the number is in a range of 1 and 1,000,000 then what’s the point of playing?

Here’s where it gets interesting! — So the first guess of each game is free (well, technically it costs a fractional amount of “gas”, but it may as well be free, because HBP has some of the lowest gas fees of any global blockchain….. the gas fee for the first “free” guess is technically around $0.0001 — so like I say, it’s practically free!

But even if it is free…..what’s the point of guessing? You won’t get it right……..right?

Well herein lies the beauty of HPB17…….

As soon as you make a guess, a ticker timer starts ticking down from 60 minutes….

If the timer reaches zero… will WIN all the money stored in the smart contract, even if you guessed wrong! :-)

So what could stop the timer reaching zero? — Well…..someone else making a guess! If they make a guess after you, they will become the “last person to guess”! As soon as they guess, the timer resets back to 60 minutes, and once again starts ticking down towards zero.

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